Time has flown by and whilst I have been thinking about what to write in my reflective summary I have been struck by how much we have covered and the new skills I have gained. I had never heard of Piktochart of PowToon before – if only more of my modules needed videos and graphics…

I think the best way to start this reflective summary is to compare my self-test that I did at the beginning with what I feel now:



It is great to see more 5s’! It is a shame that ‘building online networks around an area of interest’ didn’t change but maybe that is something I can explore in my own time, after this module has finished. (Maybe I should come back to this post in 5 years time and see where I’m at?!?!??).

There were definitely some topics I liked more than others which sometimes I indicated (below, the infographic goes into more depth on this).


Funnily, enough, at the time of writing topic 3, I was actually applying for graduate jobs so the information I gathered for the blog – such as ‘allow your personality to shine through, add some flair’ – actually proved very useful and I bagged myself an interview (wish me luck…).


Please note my LinkedIn profile strength, which is why I felt my ‘managing your online identity’ could go from a two to a five!

I believe topic 3 also gave me my best blog comments and allowed a good dialogue. In general the comments I received were lovely, it was nice to have fellow classmates engage with my work and visa versa, which is why I felt I could raise my ‘participating in online communities’ from a 1 to a 3.5. I couldn’t justify bumping it up higher as this interaction was rather artificial. I am sure that in reality if I sent out a blog into the void I would be unlikely to get any views or comments!!

You might point out that I could have used Twitter to participate more in online communities and that could have bumped up my self-rating score. But, after writing topic two on online identity (and actually hating Twitter) I actively decided not to use it. So it was a personal choice and something I don’t think should be used as an indication of  me ‘not growing’ throughout this module.

Not having formal lectures has meant that I could better manage my time and really focus on the work in hand. I think that the university should consider rolling this out with other optional modules

So will I continue to live and work on the web? Yes, as that is unavoidable. Will I carry on blogging? Again, yes but it will be nice to choose my own topics this time. I find blogging a nice way to get my opinions across or share things I find interesting. Additionally, I like the style of writing – instead of dry academic papers it allows a bit of my personality to shine through – and there is nothing wrong with that!

Finally, I leave you all with a little video summarising my final assessed post – enjoy!