Everyone did some great work this weekk – I saw some amazing infographics and some great contents.

For instance, Tobie’s blog also got me thinking. He talks about how open access helps developing countries and how this is a good thing. However, as I said in the comment -‘developing countries, like India, grow and become developed because of open access. However they are still developmentally behind countries like the USA. Because of this gap, the USA will never be able to benefit from India so it is very much a one way street and India continues to grow and benefit its own economy. Is this fair???? We shall see what Tobie says about this….

Davina’s blog compared the idea of open access to a museum and shop, which I thought was great so I tried to come up with my own (as you can see in my comment, it isn’t very good!). I asked Davina if ‘Knowing what you do about Open access, and hypothetically If you were considering a career in research, would this sway your decision??’. If I think about this question, I definetly think  it would impact my decision for a career in research, so for the sake of academia it is crucial that we find a solution where everyone is happy.

My own blog mentions a potential solution to open access which is to subsidize the journals and they then pass down this in the form of lower costs for subscriptions. Once I had submitted the blog I carried on researching and found that there are actually some downsides to this solution. Firstly, the journals may decided not to pass on lower costs and use the money elsewhere. Secondly, the money comes from sponsors and these sponsors may influence the decisions of the journals and affect the peer review process.

Alas, the search for the solution continues.