It was great that this week’s question was a little narrower I feel I would’ve been overwhelmed with the idea of all ethics and social media – there is a lot that could be talked about!

I enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and was surprised by how few talked about the ethical issues regarding catfishing, which, as I mention in my blog, I thought would be the popular option.

My own blog focused on behavioural targeting – when an indivduals web-browsing history is analysed and collected resulting in personalised adverts. I have always been creeped out by how scarily accurate the adverts that I see are! So it was nice to finally understanding why.

The comment I received on my blog raised an interesting idea. There has been such an expansion of businesses online that the way to differentiate oneself is to target specific customers and use behavioural targeting techniques. Because this is so common now, has the unethical almost become ethical???? Food for thought….

I’ll raise my hands up and admit that my comments on other blogs were a little bit below average this time around. The past couple of days have been manic with coursework and dissertation deadlines reaching boiling point.

However, I noticed that Arthur’s blog was related to mine, as he was talking about cookies, although in contrast he mentions right at the beginning that cookies can make our lives easier and more efficient – a point I had overlooked as I was too focused on the negatives. Perhaps behavioural targeting is beneficial as shopping can become more efficient?

Nik’s blog talked about the ethics of celebrities and social media. I felt he overlooked a key ethical slant on this topic – celebrity endorsement of products – but his reply was strong!

Overall, I feel my coverage of the topic was good but I’ll work on my comments for next time…