Like most people undertaking this module, I had never come across the concept of ‘digital native/immigrant/visitor/resident’. It was great to see everyone getting into this topic, with different points of view, different ways of displaying the information with some very catchy titles.

However, the general consensus I got from other people’s blogs was that there are serious flaws to this theory – which agreed with my own point of view.

I felt that Gus’s blog gave a good example of how there are examples that go against this theory – which in my comment I commended him on finding. He wrote about how young people from low socio- economic backgrounds having very limited access to technology. These young people should technically be ‘digital natives’ – having been born into the ‘tech era’ – but are actually ‘digital residents’. This point echoes my own blog – it is relatively easy to find examples that don’t fit.

Nikhil’s blog also found an example that goes against the theory. A 98 year old women, who should be an immigrant, making and uploading her own YouTube video. What was interesting is that I actually found myself questioning his use of example and ended up supporting Prensky’s theory! My comment can be read here.

I was very pleased with the reaction that my own blog generated – 3 comments is not too bad for a first time blogger! Some very nice things were said. The last comment raised an interesting point. In my blog I mention that I believe the concept of visitor/resident should surely be based on personality. The commenter asked that if my theory was to go forward, how would I study this? This definitely got me thinking. I haven’t come up with an answer yet, but as soon as I do I will make sure to reply to this comment – or write another blog post!